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Dx Hockey


If you would like to play some table hockey games online in your spare time we just found the perfect game for you. It is called Dx Hockey and it is a classic game of table hockey. I am sure that you, at lest once in your life, played some rounds of table hockey with your friends at a games arena. Well… Dx Hockey is exactly like those games!

So, if you are looking for some nice table hockey games online you came to the right place. Like the real thing, these table hockey games online very easy and fun to play at any time. It is a simple and cool way to spend your free time is a nice and enjoyable way.

The aim of Dx Hockey is to score as many goals as you can in order to win. The first one to reach 7 goals will be declared the winner of that match and both will pass to the next level. The ultimate winner will be declared after 8 rounds of playing and it will be the one who won the most rounds. When playing all these table hockey games online you will also have to stop your opponent from scoring.

Dx Hockey resembles very much the free ice hockey games because the puck slides very easy on the table, just like on very slippery ice. The interesting thing when playing these table hockey games online is the fact that they can be made much more interesting than in real life. You will see obstacles appearing and also objects that will increase your scoring. So, if you want you can improve your mallet and this way defeat easily your opponent.

So, what do you think? Is it worth it playing these table hockey games online rather than in real life? I say that when playing table hockey games online things can get much more interesting that playing for real… you can sit comfortable in your chair and just control the mallet and enjoy the game!