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At these table hockey games you will have to use your mouse to control your puck hitter. Score as many points as you can during the game to beat your opponents and also to be able to unlock the next level. Timing and concentration is everything at these table hockey games.

Did you think that you are good at hockey? Then think again! Go directly to the table and try to score more goals than your opponent. The faster you score the more points you will get at these table hockey games. Pick up some Iconicity stars for some extra bonus points and be careful to not send the puck into your own net, because that also counts as a goal for your opponent.

Beat one opponent to move to the next challenger, who will be faster, smarter and harder to beat at these table hockey games. If you manage to beat all 10 opponents at this game you will definitely be crown as the Ice King for those table hockey games.

Also you can play this amazing game against your friends in the multiplayer mode. This way the game will be more interactive and funnier. You will move your puck hitter with your mouse and your friend will move his puck hitter using the keyboard arrow keys. Play some rounds before you challenge your friend at these table hockey games to beat him much easier. You will understand all the moves in the shortest time possible and you will find this game very interactive. The score for this game is displayed on the left side of your screen and the time is displayed on top on your screen. Score as many goals as possible before the time runs out to beat your friend at these table hockey games.

Air Hockey is a free hockey game online that you can choose to play on our site anytime you would like. Challenge your friends at this amazing game to play some rounds to see which of you is more experienced at this table hockey game.