Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Suburban Goalie


When you think about looking for a good way to spend your free time many people would say to take up a hobby… Well… but what will you do when you are in the mood for some kids hockey games and you have nobody to play with… Well… this is the disadvantage of team sports… but now you have a really good alternative – play free hockey games online!

One of these games is Suburban Goalie – a very fun and challenging little game where you have to help your team reach the finals. You will be put face to face with some opponents and what you will have to do is only use your mouse and try to block the pucks that come towards you.

This will be very easy if you use the arrow keys to move the player and just place it in front of the shot for defense. You will see that nothing is too hard for such a professional hockey player like you. Even if these kids hockey games will offer you what you need just don’t you forget to practice some real sports also!