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Car Can Racing


You had a bad day… there is nothing for you to do at home… the weather is bad… your mind flies and you imagine yourself having the time of your life in a car racing competition… what about playing some go kart racing games? You won’t even feel the time passing by… so, if you are a real fan of go kart racing games Car Can Racing will surely make you happy! Car Can Racing is a go kart racing game that you will find funny even from the idea of driving little cars made out of used cans.

Car Can Racing is considered to be one of the most entertaining go kart racing games. It is very easy to play; using only the keyboard arrows to control the car. So the game goes like this: you will be in a competition with some other can cars and what you have to do is drive as fast as you can to finish first. Easy, right? The object of this go kart racing game is to reach the finish line; then, you will be given a great amount of points which you can afterwards submit on the internet.

Car Can Racing has only 5 levels which you will play one after another, without being declared winner of looser. When you play this kart racing game online you will have only 30 seconds for each round to get to the checkpoint; every time you pass checkpoint you will receive points and if you still have time you will be well rewarded. So, if you are in the mood for an easy to play, nice and quite challenging go kart racing game we recommend you play some rounds of Car Can Racing and you will have the best time. You won’t be disappointed that you chose to try it, so, don’t you wait anymore and start hitting those buttons on the roads towards victory.