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Monster Kartz


If you are a fan of good kart racing games online we prepared for you one that you will not feel sorry that you tryied… It is called Monster Kartz and you will have the best time playing it especially if you are a big fan of this kind of games. You will see that soon after trying it you will become addicted! You will also find the characters extremely funny and the graphic quite good for a simple internet free game.

So, are you ready for a competition that decides who the best kart driver is? After choosing the driver and the track you want to compete on you are just ready for some rounds of speed kart racing! Be careful when you choose the driver, they are all different and like us, have different strong and feeble points…

As you might have already guessed, Monster Kartz is one of the kart racing games online where you have the opportunity to compete against other players – all in one you will race against some virtual drivers set by the computer. Be careful because they are quite good!

Monster Kartz is an easy game to play; you only need to control the kart using the keyboard arrows! This is easy… but you will see immediately after starting the game that it is not that easy to control a small kart that goes in seconds from standing still to its maximum speed.

So, if you decide to play a free online Mario kart racing game you should keep this in mind… The object of Monster Kartz, like you might know from all the kart racing games online is to finish the race on the first place. What about trying to accomplish that? Hit the ‘’start’’ button and let the fun begin! 

Only by playing these kart racing games online you will have the chance to drive your own go kart and perform some stunts driving on such tracks that will put to try all of your skills.