Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Morning Walk


I have prepared for you some nice fast walking games… Morning Walk is a game like no other. Here you have some dogs which you need to walk. You will walk around the neighborhood trying to avoid the obstacles that come along your way. And also you have to gather as many dogs as you can and continue your walk. 

These fast walking games are actually running games where the character is always running and all that you have to do is use the ‘’up’’ and ‘’down’’ arrow keys in order to avoid the obstacles that are on the sidewalk. So, when you see a recycle bin, ball or hydrant hit the ‘’up’’ key to jump over them and when you need to duck press the ‘’down’’ one!

Just be careful because when you play these cool running games it will be hard for you to see all the obstacles, so, it is good for you to know that also birds, trees and butterflies are considered obstacles. What you still have to do now is see how many dogs you can gather and walk this morning… You can do this only by playing these fast walking games!