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Run Jerry Run


Do you like cartoons? Even if you are not such a big fan of cartoons I am sure that these free running games online will bring back childhood memories. There is nobody in the world that hasn’t heard about Tom and Jerry – the famous characters of the cartoon with the same name! And you surely love them… that is why we prepared a game that has as main heroes the two funny characters!

Get ready to experience some moments of extreme fun Tom and Jerry style. They are the only ones that can create such a relaxed and at the same time adventurous mood. Get ready for playing your next favorite game!

From all free running games online, Run Jerry Run will make your day much more fun than it is … so, get ready for an interactive game where you will have to run and run… jump over obstacles and, as usual, try to trick Tom from catching Jerry!

Using only the space bar to jump, these running games online are quite easy in terms of the controls used to play… this gives you the opportunity to also enjoy the background story, just when you are watching the cartoon. But the difference this time is that you will be part of the action!

When playing free running games online that have as main characters there two extremely funny heroes you will have to be very careful because everything depends on you… you will control Jerry and try to run as fast as you can from level to level in order to hide the piece of cheese that you just stolen!

Use the space bar to jump over the obstacles and be careful not to bump more than four times on the furniture because Tom will catch you! Tap two times the space bar for performing a double jump and you will see that in no time you will be serving the cheese you stole! What a nice way to spend some free time...? These free running games online will provide you with everything that you need… a good time, fun end energy…