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Striiiiikeeeeee!!!!!! Are you ready to swing the bat once again??? You came to the right place, my friend… this is the perfect place where you can play pc baseball games. And not any kind of baseball games, but the best on the internet, the funniest and the most challenging of them. If you didn’t find the best game that suits you yet… well… you found it now. It is Pitching!!! A game that will sharpen your senses and your acuity. If you are looking to download baseball games, Pitching is the one for you. You can also play Pitching online and you will have the same fun swinging that bat.

For starters, as a player, it is normal to pick the team that you want to play for. You can pick any of the real team names that your performance will represent. Also Pitching allows you to pick which bat you want, one that suits your personality, from a variety of models. You can always change the model of the bat at any time just by clicking the bottom left pop-up menu bar.

After you chose your team and the preferred bat you can begin the game. In order to do this you need to click the ‘’PUSH’’ button from the top left of the page… and the game begins! After the game starts you have 10 strikes. You only need to use the movement of the mouse in order to position the bat correctly and left click at the right moment to properly hit the ball. You have the possibility to control the speed of the ball by adjusting the speedometer on the left as you desire and at any time during the round. The aim of this very challenging game is to hit as many balls as you can and score more and more points.

No matter if you are looking to play online or download baseball games, or even looking to improve your eye-hand coordination Pitching is the one to choose. It will make you want to overcome your own high scores every time you make one.