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Slugger Baseball


If you take a look at baseball games online free and you search for a game which could teach you to play baseball, Slugger Baseball is the best choice. While playing this game, you can learn a lot of useful tips that can be used when you play other baseball games online free. It is not a simply game of baseball. If you are a real fan of this kind of sport, it should not be difficult for you to win the gold medal. Your points are accumulated depending on how well you bat the ball. In this game you only have to bat the ball in order to hit the stars and that is all - you have no outs, no foul balls, no strikes and no home runs.

The point is to win the bronze, silver or gold medals and the most important do not strikeout!

First, you can look at ‘Level Walkthrough’ section, where you find 30 levels and what you have to do in order to get the gold medal. It seems to be difficult, but sometimes things are not exactly what it seems. You must bat the ball in order to hit the star; as you have in the first level for example, where you do not have any time limit or other obstacles. Not for nothig the first level is named ‘Easy Peasy’. As you pass more tasks, the game is more difficult and you have less time for completing the tasks. It is not like other free baseball games that you find on the internet simply because the aim is not to have as many home runs as you can; the aim is to have a lot of points and to complete those 30 levels. When you start to play this game, you have to pick a nickname what makes the game more interesting. Slugger Baseball is a game which tests your skill game – your ability. Play this game helps you to practice your additional skills and to understand better what it really means a baseball game. None of other baseball games online free can be compared to this. So keep playing it until you win – which would not be difficult for a real player of baseball games online free.