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Japanese Baseball


You will be very surprised to discover such a simple baseball games online for free nowadays on the internet. You will be remembered by the times when you were a kid and you just started playing video games. Japanese Baseball looks exactly like that kind of games but you won’t be disappointed at all that you tried to play it.

Although it is a very simple game it concentrates upon what is the most important thing when playing baseball games online for free… Japanese Baseball will share with you some of the fun that it gives people who play it. If you look behind the simple graphic and rudimentary soundtrack you will find a game which will stick to you and inevitably you will become addicted.

What will impress you the most is the fact that such simple baseball games online can offer you that amount of fun and excitement. And although it is a small game, it gives you the opportunity to choose from three different difficulty types of game. If you play for the first time and you are not that sure on your skills as an online baseball player you can choose the Beginner mode where you will learn the basics and some tricks. 

And afterwards you can easily move up to the Amateur and Professional modes. These you will find not that different one from another, but you will feel the difference in terms of the smoothness of the hits.

Also the manner of playing is very simple and most important it is the same like most baseball games online for free, so, if you are a veteran you will know that you usually play these games using the mouse and its movements. This gives the player a greater control upon the characters’ moves. So, move the mouse right and left to aim and them click to swing the bat and hit the ball. 

You will see that for every hit you will receive a certain number of points according to the distance you’ve thrown the ball. Your aim is to score as many points as you can until the game ends and then you can consider yourself the king of baseball games online for free!