Zoorly Sport Games Arena

Homers Run


Do you feel the need to play baseball games online for free, or much more...to entertain yourself like you never did? Tanrei Stadium is the answer. Besides the fact that when you play this game you feel like being on a real stadium, it can get you addicted. You can play other baseball games online for free but no other game can be compared to this.

Before you start playing it, take a look at the ‘How to play’ section or HI Record to see other people’s record for this game. You begin the game with 10 pitches. You have to follow carefully the ball and place your player in order to bat the ball. If you miss it, you have one Strike. Place your player with your mouse horizontally or vertically in order to have a better throw, maybe a Home Run, who knows? If you are a good player of this kind of baseball games for freee, you can easily have a Home Run. Different from other baseball games online for free, is the fact that you do not have to accumulate points. The ideea is to send as many balls outside the stadium as you can for getting Home Runs which will be counted in the left bottom. More Home Runs means a new chance for you to be the first on the HI Record list. If you send the ball on the baseball field you will get nothing, no score, no Home Run. The same thing happens if you bat the ball somewhere behind you.

Tanrei Stadium is also a funny game. If you are lucky enough to send the ball outside the stadium and have a Home Run, you will see an air balloon on the sky. The point of this game is to have as many Home Runs as you can, but this should not be a problem for you after playing so many baseball games online for free. For those of you who are not so lucky in sending the ball out of the stadium, this game can get you addicted and make you want to play more. A new game means fun and fun means Tanrei Stadium.