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Baseball Espn


Baseball Espn is more than a simple game. It is different from other free baseball games online because it can be used as a manual for those of you who does not know exactly what a baseball game mean. Baseball Espn is an american game that makes you feel like you are playing a real match. From other free baseball games online, this game seems to be harder, but things are not always what they appear. Before you start to play baseball games try Baseball Espn.

Before you start playing this baseball game, you can choose to play between ‘Precision Hitter’ and ‘Bottom of the ninth’. In order to start playing, you must create your player’s profile – team colors, skin, bat logo and of course the skill level: easy, medium or hard. If you choose ‘Precision hitter’ you have 10 pitches to score as many points as you can. For a good bat, you should land the ball as close to the centre of the target. ‘Bottom of the ninth’ is more interesting; after you create your team profile you have to throw 3 home runs in order to win the game. After you bat the ball and you have a home run, you must use your mouse left button and click your team’s player to run to the first base – this is one of the things that makes this game different from other free baseball games online. If you do not click your players and make them run, you have an out. Your score is always displayed on the screen behind. When you have a home run or an out, your game is in stand by until you press the ‘next pitch’ button.

While playing this game, you will notice the different between Baseball Espn and other free baseball games online. As the pitcher winds up, a marker appears on your field, showing where the ball will pass you. Use your mouse to move the aim circle. You can bat the ball up or down by moving the aim circle vertically with your mouse. The aim of the game is to land the ball as close as you can to the center of the target - you will not find in any other free baseball games online this aim.