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Nice Catch


From the beginning, you are welcomed by some funny looking characters that look exactly like cartoons, laughing, screaming and crying, accompanied by a happy and fun soundtrack. What is very interesting and at the same time innovative at this fun baseball game is the fact that, this time, you are not the one that hits the ball – the batter – but you are the one that catches it after another player hit it. Even if you are not a baseball fan you will have lots of fun and laughs paying Nice Catch.

Being a very interactive game, you, as a player, have to do more things. First, after you caught the ball by moving the player right or left using the right / left keys on your keyboard, you have to throw it to the next player. Here, you have to be very careful as to throw the ball with extra speed, so, be vigilant to watch the power bar at the bottom of the screen and wait until the ball reaches the green area. Your ball will fly cutting the air like a comet!

If you like your fun baseball games to be extremely interactive and the moves of the players to be realistic, Nice Catch is the game for you! You can even jump in order to catch the ball by using the ‘’S’’ key! This will make you feel like part of the game and make the catch more valuable for you.

When you want to start a new round you just have to click the button on the right down side of the screen.

So get down on playing Nice Catch, one of the best baseball games on the internet. It is time to cheer and cry along with the extremely funny characters, depicting cartoon characters which display their mood out in the open. They seem alive and they will make you laugh even if you are not a fan you will become an admirer of fun baseball games because of Nice Catch.