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Backyard Sports


If you are looking for some baseball games to play in order to learn some new tips or to improve you additional skills, Backyard Sports is a mini game which gives you all that. Playing this game is like playing baseball on a real stadium - makes you feel like a real player. On the other hand, if you are not an amateur and your skills does not need any improvement and you just do not want to get bored, looking through other baseball games to play you will find this game the most interesting of all.

At the begining, you pick your favourite team from 10 teams. Each team has a logo -which makes the game more interesting. After you choose your favorite team, you can pick a player. You have 4 players to choose from Joey, Dmitri, Pablo and Vicki. Each of this players has something special – and this thing you won’t find in your search for other baseball games online free. After you choose a player and a team to bat for, let the game begin.

First, you start with Pablo’s Sandlot where you have to hit a homerun. Complete this task and you get to the next task. Each level has 4 tasks and a number of points. For example, if you complete all 4 tasks from level 0 (Junior level) you get 750 points and you can pass to the next level – The Commons. Garcia Mansion is the last level where the stadium and the atmosphere of the game will give you the feeling of a real game – feeling that you won’t find in any other baseball games to play. Every 2.500 points earn a Firebat that makes the ball too hot to handle. When you get to 10.000 points you earn a meteor ball – and if you bat this ball you will have a guaranteed Home Run. If you miss a ball, you have one strike and if you reach the 2X spots placed on the stadium, your points will be doubled. If you search for other baseball games to play you will not find another game to be as good as Backyard Sports

It is pointless to search through other baseball games to play when Backyard Sports a complex game which won’t get you bored.