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Super Slugger


You are lucky today! You just found one of the best baseball games on the internet! It is called Super Slugger and you will surely have lots of fun playing it. So, be ready to hear the stadium’s crowd cheering you once again. Prepare yourself to take that baseball bat in your hand and bust those balls as hard as you can because you will have a very big audience. Get started to play Super Slugger – one of the best baseball games that you have ever tried…

You can watch baseball games but nothing beats playing one of the best games out there.

At the first swings of the bat, Super Slugger seems very hard, but once you have some practice you will feel the right position in which you have to hold the bat and the perfect moment to hit the ball in order to strike. Before starting the actual game Super slugger allows you to choose one of two players, you can either be The Hammer or The Beast. After choosing your player the game begins! You will be able to see the crowd and hear them clearly during your performance. You will feel like on a real baseball court, with sponsors and everything… Isn’t this the best baseball game ever?

The characters in Super Slugger are also very lifelike, you can even see their facial features, and the way they move makes you think of a real championship. Super Slugger can be played very easy using only the movement of the mouse and its left click to swing the bat and hit the ball. You have to be very careful as the balls will come to you very quickly one after another and if you don’t have good reflexes you will mostly miss them. The aim of Super Slugger is to hit as many balls as you can from the 10 strikes which you are allowed in one round. Try to hit the balls as hard as you can in order to score a home run.

Now, that you are prepared, sit comfortably at you computer and let the game begin! You will soon discover that we were right, and Super Slugger is indeed one of the best baseball games that you have ever played. And without even knowing it will become your favorite baseball game.