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Bugs Bunny Home


Everybody loves Bugs Bunny! Did you ever think that there is a baseball game with your favourite cartoon rabbit? Bugs Bunny’s Home Run Derby is one of the best baseball games for kids, not only because of its excelent graphics, but also because of its funny players. It is time to stop looking for baseball games for kids, because this game will never get you bored.

This game is different from other baseball games for kids because it can be played with your mouse or keyboard, it’s your choice. When you start playing you have 10 pitches by Twitter who is your first pitcher. Every time you hit or miss a ball will appear your score on the blackboard behind. If you are not a baseball fan and you do not really know how to play this game, you can take a look at ‘Directions’ section for some batting tips. For this game, can be also used the keyboard. The numbers on the keypad can be used to swing at pitches as they cross the plate. Time your swings and have at least 5 home runs to face a new pitcher. In order to do this, you have to watch the shadow under the ball until is over home plate, to know when is the best time to bat – to press the right bottom on the keypad.

If you bat the ball correct and send it out of the stadium, you will have one hit mentioned on the blackboard. You have to bat at least 5 home runs to get to the next inning. Bugs Bunny’s Home Run Derby is different from other baseball game online for free because every pitch has a different style, so you have to be carefully. Beside different style, every pitch changes its position in order to make the game harder.

Having 4 different pitchers, makes you feel more ambitious in facing the next pitch and also facing new throws. Bugs Bunny’s Home Run Derby, is one of many baseball games for kids, which can be played by an adult without getting bored. Continue playing this game and meet the entire team: Tweety, Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn and Taz.