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Batting Champ


This Batting Champ game is one of the best live baseball games that you have ever seen. It is a game where fun is the keyword. Everyone can play this game, even if you are or not a true fan of live baseball games .

If you are looking through other live baseball games you will not find any baseball game like this. First, you have to choose between Minor League and Major League. The difference is that in Minor League, players are easier to use, but are not as powerful and you will not have full control of the swing as you have in Major League. To play in the Minor League, first you have to choose your player and then simply place your mouse cursor next to player’s feet and when the pitcher thrown quickly move mouse upwards to swing. The ideea is to have a fast contact with the ball in order to send it as far as you can. It is also important which part of the bat made contact with the ball – for best results hit the ball with the middle of the bat. You can also use your arrow keys to place your player to the left or right. It is not as hard as it seems – nothing different from live baseball games. In Major League on the other hand, players are harder to control, but they are more powerfull and you have full control of the swing. Player will follow your cursor movements: vertically to swing and horizontally for lateral positioning. All you have to do is to try to swing as fast as possible while still under control; as I said, not so different from live baseball games.

You have 11 balls and the ideea is to earn as many points as you can. Always try to beat your best score! Home Runs are still the best choice. If you are a real fan of baseball games for kids you know that the position of the bat counts – if you hit with the area left from the arrow ball will go towards the left field.

Batting Champ is a fun game which will never get you bored. Play this game and you feel like you are on a real stadium playing live baseball games.