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Pinch Hitter


You found one of the funniest baseball games for pc that exists on the internet. Pinch Hitter 1 will make you play until your hand will hurt, and then you will dream at night that you are playing it, because it is the most colorful baseball game for the pc and the most addictive one. Pinch Hitter 1 will give you the opportunity to play baseball outside the stadium. Here you can play using as characters some kids with extremely funny replies, naughty and with a lot of nerve playing baseball in their back yard.

Pinch Hitter 1 is very easy to play, you just have to handle the player by using the movement of the mouse, up and down and horizontally to position the player and the bat in a proper position and left-click at the right moment to hit the ball for a maximum of points. So, are you ready for a new round of strikes? It will be interesting to see how the characters get upset and angry when you miss a hit or out one. It will be very funny to listen to them and you will be surprised at the funny and various replies that they utter.

The aim of this baseball game for pc is to strike as many points as you can in one round. Each round that you play in Pinch Hitter 1 allows you to hit the ball ten times before it gives you the final score. Just be careful where you throw the ball because the yard is small and you can throw the ball out very easy. And also, when playing Pinch Hitter 1, try to hit the signs that will double your score. You will surely see them. Because, isn’t it, you have to make as many points as you can.

So get down and put to work those restless kids that make Pinch Hitter 1 so unique and fun to play. You made a very good choice when you chose this one from all the online baseball games. You will love it instantly!