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Bobblehead Baseball


Bubblehead Baseball is a very fun game, mostly for those of you who are a fan of free online baseball games. The first thing that strikes you at this game is the amount of colors that welcome you from the beginning and which makes it very appealing and pleasant. Bubblehead Baseball is very easy to play, using only the mouse for moving the baseball bat up and down and left click to strike the ball. The aim of this fun baseball game is, just like in real-life baseball, to strike the ball that the other is throwing at you. First, as a player, you have to choose the character that you want to play with and the level of difficulty – from easy to very hard – then you can begin playing baseball.

Bubblehead Baseball is very challenging for all groups of players of all ages as it is constantly making you seek for ways to kick the ball and make as many points as you can. This free online baseball game looks very easy at first look but if you start playing it you will notice that it is quite hard to strike the ball even if you are playing easy.

Bubblehead Baseball also helps you develop your reflexes as the player has to be very careful as to strike exactly in the same moment that the other threw the ball. The satisfaction that striking a point gives you is exhilarating and makes you try and try until you break your own record again and again.

The graphic of this game is very fun, the characters that impersonate you are hilarious and make you laugh, this free online baseball game is very colorful and its soundtrack is catchy and entertaining. So, what are you waiting for? Start swinging that bat and hitting that incoming ball. Exercise your skills and you will become am expert and feel like a real baseball player.

If you like action, challenge, if you love baseball and especially funny baseball games you should try Bubblehead Baseball and you will not be sorry, you can play it online, no need to download baseball games. In notime it will become your favorite way of spending free time in a fun and constructing way.