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Arcade Baseball


People, people!!! Are you ready for more online baseball for free??? Are you ready for more hitting and scoring??? That means you are ready for the new Arcade Baseball!!! Prepare yourself for an interactive game of baseball where every hit is a new opportunity to score more and more and get to the next level with flying colors. If you are a fan of baseball, and especially live baseball games, Arcade Baseball is perfect for you…

Arcade Baseball is a very easy game to play. Using only what the mouse supplies you with you can have a very good time scoring points while the crowds cheer you at every hit. You just need to move the mouse in order to aim towards the incoming ball – right or left – depending on the position of the scoring puddles that your fiery ball has to hit. The puddles are situated behind the thrower and are colored differently – light green, yellow and pink - each colored puddle represents different scores. The aim of the game is to reach and overcome a target in order to pass to the next level. You can easily do this by hitting the ball and aiming it in the direction of the puddles. Each puddle which the ball hits will gain you points. In order to score higher you have to do so that the ball touches more than one puddle at one hit.

Isn’t this the most challenging game ever??? Once you start playing Arcade Baseball you will feel the urge to overcome your own high scores. It is the type of game that makes you start all over again, after you finish all the levels, just to see if you can do it better than the last time.

Arcade Baseball is the type of game that is addictive for children and adults at the same tine… it is suited both for boys and girls, no matter if you are a fan of baseball or not. When you hear the cheers of the crowd you will instantly become a fan of online baseball for free games. Just try it and you will not be sorry.