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Baseball Jam


Baseball Jam seems to be one of those classical free baseball games, but it is more than that. It’s a game which tests your concentration and abilities, a game for people who are passionate about baseball. Before you start playing free baseball games, you have to take a look at ‘How to play’ section, where you will find details about how to play Baseball Jam.

When you start playing Baseball Jam, you have 3 rounds and one blackboard behind, where the Round is mentioned, the number of Balls left, your Score and also your Outs and Strikes. First, you have to move the player horizontally with your mouse for placing him where you think is the best place to hit the ball . Then, you have to move the baseball bat vertically with your mouse in order to hit the ball; after the ball will be thrown, you have to bat it when it’s within frame (if you are a fan of baseball and you have played a lot of free baseball games online so far, this should not be a problem).

The first round begins with 20 throws. If you miss, on the blackboard you will have one strike and if the number of strikes reaches 3, you will have 1 out. Three outs means that the round is over. Points are accumulated depending on how far you hit the ball. If you are lucky, you can have a Homerun which will brings you a higher score.


The point is to have as few strikes as possible, in order to have more chances to bat the ball and to accumulate more points. At the end of the third round, you have Final Stats and you are able to play again. The Baseball Jam gives you the chance to play one of those free baseball games that you are passionate about, and practice your skills. After a few free baseball games on the internet, you'll feel like a real player!