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Homerun Mania


Are you ready for more crowd cheering? Are you ready for more striking and scoring? I’ve got the solution! You have to play baseball games online… and I also got the perfect game for you… it is Homerun Mania! A fun an exciting game that you need to try right now… Homerun Mania will keep you in your seat until you get to the finish. Although you play baseball games online, Homerun Mania makes you feel like you are doing it in real life.

This game is not hard to play and it has a very big advantage as it allows you to move the player right or left, according to situation, in order to position your bat properly so you throw a perfect hit. The first thing that strikes you at Homerun Mania is the fact that it is not discriminating at all, as at the beginning you have to choose the sex of the player, so, girls can play it not feeling left out. It also allows you to pick your own uniform.

Homerun Mania can be played very easily just by using the space bar and mouse. First you have to move the mouse horizontally in order to position the player properly, then, you need to move the mouse vertically to select the angle of your shot. After all of this you just have to hit the space bar in order to start a pitch and left-click mouse at the perfect moment to hit the incoming ball. If this game doesn’t convince you of the fun of playing baseball games for pc I don’t know what will… So, boys and girls, take the bats in your hands and start playing!

The aim of Homerun Mania is to overcome a series of targets, 10 at number, which are presented to you at the beginning of the game. Overcoming these targets will bring you victory. So, are you ready to become a champion and a professional in this sport and also in playing baseball games online? Don’t you wait anymore and start hitting those balls on the path of winning.