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Home Run


If you want to play baseball games, if you want something new in order to test your agility Home Run Boy is the best choice. It is a baseball game which does not give you a lot of time for thinking, is a game in which agility is the key. Even if you play it for many times, you would not be bored. You will want to beat your previous records and you will love to play baseball games.

Before you start playing, you should know some tips that will help you along the game. You begin with 100 balls thrown by the computer player also known as the pitcher in real baseball games. The number of balls left are counting on the blackboard behind, where you also find your Score and Home Runs. You have to move the player with your mouse horizontally to place him in the right position in order to bat the ball. The point is to have as many Home Runs as you can, for accumulating more points. One Home Run means 10.000 points. When you bat the ball outside the baseball field you get one Foul and 50 points; if your ball hits the pitcher you get 100 points. There does not seem to be so hard to play baseball games online, doesn’t it?

If you were used to play baseball games which got you bored, in Home Run Boy the player throws special balls that creates difficulties and keeps your attention. This is a funny game with well set graphics. In Home Run Boy, unlike other times when you play baseball games, you have in the right bottom HI Record or in other words you have your Home Run records which stays registered for your next time when you will want to play this baseball game. This is also for stimulate you to beat your record. Setting new records will help you to play baseball games easily. Playing Home Run Boy means no boring, just fun and of course ... agility – this is the main word for this game. Keep playing it until you beat your record and not only; try as well to beat your friend’s record.

You wont find online baseball games to play better then Home Run, this is just the best.