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Office Slacking 3


Office Slacking 3 is the game that every young girl has been waiting for her whole life! This very interesting dancing game online is the perfect way for girls to spend their free time in an amusing and entertaining way. The story of Office Slacking 3 is a very interesting one… it is about a girl – Sarah – who is a very lazy person; she just got fired from her last job because she used to do personal stuff… she now has a new job, but the same habits. Help her do a series of things without being caught by her boss. By playing this entertaining dancing game online you will have the opportunity to play, speak to your friends, comb your hair and do your makeup all behind someone’s back! Isn’t this fun?

The rules of Office Slacking 3 online dancing game is to help Sarah do all the tasks without being caught by her boss, all in three minutes. You can use your mouse to fulfill the tasks… just click on the items on the right and do what you are told… just be careful when the boss comes. If you see the boss coming just click the exit [X] button in the bottom right and you will immediately get back to work before somebody notices. So, if you like playing dancing games online Office Slacking 3 is a good combination between a game where you have to perform a dance and a competition against time. It is a great dancing game online to play for hours. Office Slacking 3 is very challenging and will make you expand the way you look at things; your distributive attention will get improved.

Isn’t this a perfect game for everybody? Young girls can play it pretending that they are doing their dolls’ makeup and hair and adults can play it making them feel better that they escaped their bosses eyes! Isn’t this dancing game online extremely fulfilling on every level? I believe that you will enjoy very much Office Slacking 3 and then you will fall in love with this kind of dancing games online! Have fun!