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Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle


The summer is here… imagine yourself at the seaside, having besides you a glass of the finest cocktail… the sun is shining on your face…peace and quiet… you can see from you hammock some people dancing. They dance a strange looking dance. The rhythm is calming and it tempts you. They are dancing the Hula and having a good time… what about you? Do you want to try and learn the moves of this fun and exotic dance? This is your chance! Only by playing Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle dancing game you can experience the unique rhythms of this dance! If you like to play dancing games and also have some fun Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle is perfect for you!

Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle is an online dancing game which you can play very easy and you will have lots of fun. It has everything you and ask from a dancing game; it is colorful, funny, it has a story behind and it motivates you, it is fresh and calming. The aim of Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle is to learn how to play the Hula and in the end earn as many points as you can! You just have to follow the symbols and press the right keyboard arrow at the correct time. Be careful because it you don’t press at the right time you will fall and ruin the dance! The symbols you have to concentrate upon when playing this dancing game are the nice flowers… the other symbols you can ignore!

Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle gives you the opportunity to score as high as you want by performing more correct moves one after another. This can even double your score! You will find Lilo And Stich Hula Hustle very entertaining and soon realize that you are kind of addicted to it. So, if you like to play interesting and nonetheless entertaining and calming dancing games you found what you are looking for. Stop searching and let the fun begin!