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Dancing Bush


Let’s bring a little bit of politics into the game world! Now is your only opportunity to play some very special free dancing games! The games that you will play in the next minutes have as a main character the President of the United States of America himself! It will be extremely fun for every one of you to make him do some very stupid dance moves!

This game is in fact a parody for all of you who got tired of politics and want to take measures into their own hands. And with whom can you best mock politics all over the world, but with the most powerful of them all! These free dancing games give you a unique opportunity that you may never have. You should definitely take advantage of what the internet can offer you. 

So, everything that you will have to do when playing these free dancing games is to put your imagination at work and start performing all kinds of dances! You will see that on the left side of the screen you will find the buttons for some dance moves. You can combine them and make the president dance funny just by clicking on them.

In the right side of the screen you can see some buttons, and with their help you can design the dancing stage. You can add a flashing floor, lights and everything! This kind of dancing games online can bring you the deserved dose of fun. I am sure that even if you are not a politics fan you will enjoy Dancing Bush as much as anybody else. A little mockery is welcomed anytime, anywhere and on anybody! So, what do you say about having some big laughs about the way President Bush dances! 

All that I can say is that you will surely enjoy these free dancing games… so there is no reason for you to still wait. Just start the game and have the best time of your life!