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Big Bear Boogie


Are you ready for another game of dancing? What about trying some Michael Jackson moves? If you want to try some boogie moves play Big Bear Boogie – a Michael Jackson style dancing game!!! If you are a fan of Michael Jackson dancing games I an sure you will enjoy Big Bear Boogie! This Michael Jackson dancing game is very funny and you will become addicted to it in seconds.

If you want to dance on some jumpy and entertaining songs try Big Bear Boogie – a very interactive dancing game for kids; a game that will make you smile and forget about your worries. This Michael Jackson dancing game is a very easy game to play! You will be surprised that such a simple game can bring you so much pleasure when playing it. The aim of Big Bear Boogie is to pass from level to level and discover new and interesting dancing challenges. This Michael Jackson dancing game also has a nice story in the background. You have to help Big Bear do what he loves – boogie. So let the boogie begin!

In order to make the bear dance you just need to press the arrows from your keyboard at the perfect time perform the dance moves! If you press the keys at the perfect time you get points! You have to earn a certain number of points to be able to pass to the next level. Be careful not to press the wrong key because you will make the bear fall and loose points! If you perform several good moves one after another you can receive combos that transform your remaining arrows in points. You will have lots of laughs playing Big Bear Boogie when you will see the hilarious Michael Jackson moves that a chubby bear performs!

If this seamed interesting enough, when actually playing this Michael Jackson dancing game called Big Bear Boogie you will find out that it is more than you expected. Big Bear Boogie is an active and challenging online dancing game that you will enjoy!