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Jungle Jiggy 2


All you children out there, are you ready for another funny game? If you are looking for some nice dancing games for kids you came to the right place. End we even have the perfect game for you! It is called Jungle Jiggy 2 and there is no chance that you won’t like it… Jungle Jiggy 2 dancing game for kids will give you a good time and set you in the best mood ever! If you want to be the one to dance on the stage in front of people who encourage you and expect you to de it right this dancing game for kids is the correct choice.

Jungle Jiggy 2 is the type of dancing game for kids that gives you the opportunity to practice. You can practice as long as you want until you feel secure enough to enter the competition! It is a colorful and funny game which you will enjoy! You will find all the animals and especially the jury extremely charming. Don’t be surprised that in the end the jury will make you crack a smile… they will make your day brighter!

The rules of Jungle Jiggy 2 are very simple. The aim of this dancing games is to perform the dancing moves as well as you can in order to score points and pass to the next level. Every level has a minimum score that you will have to reach to pass to the next one and discover new and interesting dance styles. Everything that you need to do in order to make the character dance is to follow the arrows and press the right one at the right time. Just be careful not to miss because you will cause the dancer to fall and you will lose time and valuable points! 

So, isn’t this the most fun dancing game for kids? You will absolutely love it; you will wish that you could play forever! Jungle Jiggy 2 is a game for everybody… kids and adults can play it, boys and girls… the only condition is to crave for a good time!