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Hip Hop Dont Stop


You are sick and tired of dancing in front of the mirror and wishing you were a star…

Everybody dreams at some point in their life about becoming a star… be it a star of the pop stage or a star of the dancing stage… every little girl wondered sometime in her life about how it would be if they were a dancing star… now it’s your opportunity to see if you are star material! Only playing Hip Hop Dont Stop dancing game you will have the opportunity to make your way to becoming a star… even if it is just in your imagination.

The aim of Hip Hop Dont Stop is simple and direct. You have to help three girls become dancing stars. Only by playing this dancing game you will feel like succeeding on your own strength and dexterity. From all the dancing games that you can find online Hip Hop Dont Stop is the only one that gives you the power to start from zero and move your way up towards becoming a successful star of the dancing stage!

Hip Hop Dont Stop is an interesting and interactive dancing game to play. You have three girls which you have to control and help them learn dance moves. This dancing game is being played on levels… that means you start from the bottom and move your way up towards stardom. You will be stunned to see that Hip Hop Dont Stop has a very realistic story in the background. At first, the girls start from dancing in their own apartment and as they become better and pass this level they move to more popular and known places until they end up performing in front of million of people who cheer and applaud them!

In order to make the girls perform the dance moves you just need to use the arrow keys. Be careful at the bar from the bottom of the screen because there you can see the combination of arrows which you have to press in order to perform the dance. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the easy moves from the beginning… they will get harder on the way! So, are you ready to lead these brave girls make their dream come true? Play Hip Hop Dont Stop dancing game and at the same time fulfill your own dream to become famous!