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Clock Max Portal Dancing


Aaaaareee you readyyy? Are you ready to boooooogie? Yes, you aaaareee!!! If you are a fan of online dancing games I bet you will love Clock Max Portal Dancing! This online dancing game is a very funny one that you will become addicted to. What do you think about having a round of dancing on some very popular and entertaining songs that you have heard along the years? You will find it funny to see the characters, which, by the way, are some very interesting objects, dance on several melodies. Clock Max Portal Dancing will bring the smile on your lips once again and make it stay for good!

Clock Max Portal Dancing is a very entertaining online dancing game that can be played anytime and by anybody. It is the type of dancing game with which you can’t refrain yourself from falling in love. The rules are simple and you will get used to them in seconds. First, you have to choose the character you desire to play with from a bunch of hilarious looking animated objects. In order to play you just have to follow the arrows that you see above the characters and push the appropriate one at the right time. This way you are making your character dance in the rhythm of the music. You will find it extremely funny to see the way the characters move; they are hilarious.

Clock Max Portal Dancing is the type of online dancing game that challenges you the most. You will play on levels and in order to pass to the next level you have to score a certain number of points. For every right move you make you will win points. The more good moves and the closer together they are, the higher the score. If you will practice you will get very good at playing Clock Max Portal Dancing online dancing game, it will help you improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. It is also good for keeping you concentrated while providing a good time!