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Ariel Water Ballet


The game that we are going to present to you today is for those who, as a child, were very big fans of stories. The heroine of today’s Little Mermaid dancing games is Ariel in person. This fun game will surely remind you of your childhood. You will have the opportunity to see Ariel and also, with your help, make her dance.

Ariel Water Ballet is a very easy game to play. It is for your own relaxation and fun. All that you need to do is select with your mouse the order of the dance moves you want her to perform, select the music and then see what you have done. So, it is time for you to see Ariel dancing… I am sure that you have missed her a lot…

All Little Mermaid dancing games have the same main character, and it seams very logic for me that Ariel should be in the spotlight all the time. I am sure that all little girls used to dream about this story and its characters. Well… now it is time for those girls and boys to take matters in their hand and start playing some dancing games for kids!

When playing this Little Mermaid dancing games you will be surprised to see that what games usually have in common – competition – here you won’t find any trace of it. Ariel Water Ballet is a game that will only give you the chance to compose a dance and then make the beautiful Ariel perform it! Everyone who plays these Little Mermaid dancing games will be winners! Nobody loses! What else can you ask from some online dancing games? Who doesn’t like to be a winner all the time?!

After you have done the dance you wanted you can play the song and see her actually dancing… you can also play what you have created over and over again or, if you want to put your imagination at work, you can create another and another dance until you are out of ideas. Now, I say that you are ready to play some rounds of these Little Mermaid dancing games and see Ariel again!