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Gorillaz Groove Session


We bring you one of the most animated gorillaz dancing games that you have ever seen! Having as main character the one and only Gorillaz band! You now have the unique opportunity not only to see the members of the band in action but also hear their music.

You will even have the opportunity to control them and help them make their silly but wonderful dances! This is a game that you will love; it is one of the gorillaz dancing games dedicated to all their fans!

The game is very simple and entertaining. The only thing that you have to do is to remember some moves and then repeat them. All of this while you listen to some of your favorite Gorillaz songs!

The rules are simple; first, you have to choose a member of the band to play with, and then let the groove begin! The game is like this: the computer makes a series of moves and then you will have to repeat them. You will know when your turn is up because the light will switch on you. You will have to use the keyboard arrow keys in order to make them dance.

You will be given valuable points for good moves. In order to win you have to synchronize as many good moves as you can! Isn’t this one of the best gorillaz dancing games? And above all of this Gorillaz Groove Session is that kind of game which improves your memory. In the end you can call it a memory and synchronizing dancing game… And most important – it will set you in a very good mood… I am sure that after you close the game you will feel the need to listen to some Gorillaz tracks.

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