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Ready for some love, my friends? Do you want to know how it would be to be the keeper of the love arrows? Yes, you thought right… how would you like to become Cupid for a quick-shotle of minutes? This is possible only by playing these archery games online for free. Yes, you can be Cupid for free… you can decide one of the most important things on this planet. You will have lots of fun playing Hearts 1. It is a happy, fun game that makes you fell better. In notime you will convince yourself that Hearts 1 is the most pleasant archery game online played for free.

For starters, Hearts 1 allows you to customize the keys you want to use while playing for the up and down movement. The mouse is used for aiming and releasing the arrow. If you hold the left button pushed the power with which the arrow releases will be greater. Isn’t this the most fun to play from all the free archery games found online

When you play Hearts 1 you have two big goals: first and most important not to let the hearts hit the ground and break… it is not a beautiful thing to break someone’s’ heart with no reason. And secondly, try to shoot the orange bubbles for gaining positive powers, and try not to touch the grey ones as they will slow you down. But most important, you have to be careful that this archery game is based on real features of this world… so, we have gravity and the characters’ movements, both being important issues that are influencing the fall of the arrows, and at the same time your aim.

Are you now prepared to have in your hands the hearts of some very fortunate people… the ones that will be touched by the blessed arrow of Cupid. If you are ready that means you made a good choice by picking from all the archery games that can be played online for free this one. You will have lots of fun playing Hearts 1! Enjoy!