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Chinese Cheerleadrs


It is time for you to learn how to cheer and dance like some professional cheerleaders. You can learn how to perform the dance moves only by playing these cheerleading games for girls online. You will find it interesting to compete against other girls for the title of cheerleading champion impressing the committee by your perfectly synchronized dance moves.

The game called Chinese Cheerleadrs is for those who love cheerleading games for girls and especially those games that seam very hard and they bring a load of challenge for the players. These free dancing games are quite hard when it comes to the moves you have to perform.

So, the game goes like this: at first you will see a girl performing three different dance moves with her pompons, then from the pictograms from the right side of the screen pick the same moves and drag them in the yellow marked place in the bottom of the window. If you consider the moves to be correct just press the start button and watch the girls dance. If the dance is correctly done you will pass to a new level – a harder one.

When playing these cheerleading games for girls watch out because the girls are moving very quickly, and you need to be very vigilant in order to catch their every move. So, are you ready to play this cool and colorful game for girls of every age? If you are also looking to learn some new dance moves you can freely inspire yourself from the moves these Chinese girls are performing.

When it comes to the controls used to play you should not make any problems because everything that you need to do is to drag, using your mouse, and drop the icon of the move you want and then click the dancing button. Chinese Cheerleadrs is one of the simplest from all cheerleading games for girls in terms of the way you play it. Just try some rounds and you will you’ll enjoy it!