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Highschool Cheerleader


Highschool Cheerleader is a game that every girl has been dreaming of. Every little girl dreamt at some point to become a cheerleader. To take part in competitions, to encourage their high school sports team and to shout out entertaining slogans. You have this opportunity just by playing this interesting and very challenging cheerleading game online. Highschool Cheerleader will take you in a journey through time… if you used to be a cheerleader in school or you just dream of becoming one when you get to high school this is the perfect cheerleading game for you. You will have the chance to compete against other girls, the chance to entertain some kids and the chance to make it to the team… Are you ready to start the competition?

Highschool Cheerleading is a very interactive cheerleading game online. It is a game where you will have to fight for a position in your high school cheerleading team. So… for that you have to practice a lot! You have to be seen doing everything perfect. Remember! Synchronization is everything! Try and follow the leader and you will surely be part of the team in no time.

The rules of Highschool Cheerleading are very simple… you have to make everything perfect in order to get in the cheerleading squad. You have to follow the moves of your coach and also make the viewers like you. The better you synchronize the more the crowd loves you! In order to move and dance you have to follow the arrows that pass on top of the screen and press the same arrows from the keyboard when they pass above you. This way you will make your girl dance! Just be careful, it is a competition and you need to be at your best.

So, isn’t this the most fun to play cheerleading gamer online? It has everything you could ever ask from a cheerleading game. It is colorful, interactive, challenging and you will have lots of fun! Just try and play for some minutes this nice cheerleading game online and you will see how the time passes without even noticing.