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Dashing Cheerleader


There are games for girls, games for boys and games that can be played by anyone of you! Well… today, we dedicate the game section only for girls! And this is because for some time they have been marginalized and a bit discriminated… If you look online you will find a lot of games that are addressed especially to boys; like shooting games and racing games… What do you say if we start to play cheerleading games instead and I am sure that we will have a lot more fun that boys do with their cars!

These cheerleading games online for free can be exactly what you need when you are in need of a nice game where all that you have to do is dress up pretty girls and send them to challenging competitions! If you take Dashing Cheerleader, in the first seconds after you start playing you will realize that at the core it is rather a simple game. But a simple game that can offer its player much more than you would have expected… 

With the help of your mouse you can easily take advantage of what this game has to offer! What you will actually have to do is dress up a nice girl, practically create her and in the end you can save it on your computer. You should definitely save your creations after you are finished to play cheerleading games because they are your own designs that characterize your personality!

On the right side of the screen you have several buttons which when you press them change certain things about the model like the hair color and style, the pos, skirt, shoes and pompons. In the end, when you have already created the cheerleader you can also place her in the perfect background by clicking the ‘’backdrop’’ button! What do you say? Are these games fun or not? If you start to play cheerleading games like Dashing Cheerleader you will definitely learn how to dress up girls and maybe, in the future, you can do this for real!