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Cheerleader Contest


Free online cheerleading games are very popular among young girls. If you like to dress up dolls and create them new and fashionable clothes than you will surely enjoy these cool and very entertaining new games. Among them there is also Cheerleader Contest – a game that gives you the opportunity to take a team of cheerleader girls and create their contest uniform and them participate in one!

These games are very easy to play when you consider the thing that you only have to click on the items you need in order to dress up the girls! Whenever you want to  play cheerleading games you can count on this one to satisfy your cravings!

When you start the game you will first have to choose between two teams of cheerleaders. You will have three girls that you need to get ready for the contest by choosing their unique outfit and create an uniform that is personalized! In these free online cheerleading games you can choose the top, skirt and shoes. But don’t you forget about the most important thing in cheerleading – the fluffy pompons!

You can choose the color and the style by a simple click on the item you like and, in a second, it will fly on the model, covering her! These free online cheerleading games are very good for young girls because they put their imagination to try in creating unique designs and teaching them to acquire a good sense of color combination. 

Whenever you feel the need to change the cheerleader teams you can switch with the possibility to save your creation! These free online cheerleading games also give you the chance to save and print your designs! What else can you ask from games that have as a main theme dressing up young and beautiful girls?! Nothing is more fun for girls your age that doing this… You can put your imagination to try while you have the time of your life!