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Flinstones Bobsled


I am sure that you know who The Flinstones are! Well… for all of you who used to be living on the Moon for the last 20 years I am telling you that they are the among the most popular cartoon characters of the 20 th century and at the same time the T.V. series which many people love! So, the creators of these bobsleigh games 2012 have thought to put these funny characters in the middle of an extremely fun game! 

So, now you have to get ready to start the adventure of your life! You will love this game because you already love the characters! And if you are also fans of the sport called bobsleigh that is even better! Because when you play bobsled games like Flinstone Bobsleigh you will actually have the chance to help Fred – the main character of the cartoon to slide down on a sleigh while you try to make him maintain his balance.

Well… this game is very simple and its only purpose is to offer you the fun of your life and at the same time give you the opportunity to play a sport that you like and you don’t really have the chance to play in reality! As bobsleigh cannot be played in any season… you have to have snow and the appropriate conditions to be able to enjoy whet it can give you! 

What you will actually have to do is extremely simple – your character will start the down slide and you have a certain time to beat each level. If you manage to arrive quicker at the finish line you will advance to another, and more challenging slide! What do you say? Are these bobsleigh games 2012 entertaining enough for you? I am sure that you will enjoy them more than you expect it!

Also, when you think about the controls used you have to know that all that you need to do is press the arrow keys as you might have driven the sleigh yourself! And in your way try to gather the jam spoons as they will give you energy! There is also a thing that you need to remember – look for the arrows because they will help you a lot – you will see in due time! Enjoy these bobsleigh games 2012 now!