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King Of Skeleton


The crowd is wild… the wind is blowing cold… you are waiting… waiting… prepared… and the countdown starts. Ready? Set? GO! The bobsleigh starts sliding down the track… faster, faster, faster… you feel the wind opposing your speed but you keep going… and going, and going… see the finish line…and… the crowd is delirious. We have a winner! Now, are you in the mood for a bobsleigh game online? Didn’t this set the mood? Playing King of Skeleton bobsleigh game online you will feel exactly like in a contest! Are you ready to feel the rush of adrenalin pumping through your veins?

If you lik play bobsleigh game, you must try King Of Skeleton. You just need to stay in track and not slide out of the lane. You will loose precious seconds! As you guessed this bobsleigh game online is a competition, and as a result you will play against time! So, first, you need to choose your player – you can either be a man or a woman – and then pick the track. At first you will have only one track that you have to win in order to unlock other routes. In order to unlock new and challenging routes you have to finish the track with a new high score! To score a lesser time you need to try and follow the marked line and pick up lube tubes that will low your friction and speed you up.

The aim of King of Skeleton is to finish the tracks as fast as you can in order to unlock other races. To steer the bobsleigh you only have to use the ‘’left’’ / ‘’right’’ arrows to move asides. If you like playing bobsleigh games online you will surely enjoy King of Skeleton! It is not only a game of competition, but you have the opportunity to set and then break your own high scores! King of Skeleton bobsleigh game online also gives you the possibility to challenge a friend and compete for the best time. Isn’t this everything that you can ask from a good bobsleigh game online?