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Xtreme Sleigh


Bobsleighing is a very popular sport, everyone can practice it and a lot of people do it! If you already know to bobsleigh you can also enjoy it by playing our Bobsleigh games 2012 and if this is a new field for you that means you can actually learn something new from playing Xtreme Sleigh!

Nothing is more fun that to take your sleigh and start the adventure! Now it’s time you take the virtual one and start the game! These bobsleigh games online can be really fun if you are looking for something to keep you an edge the whole time. The rules are simple: just try to avoid all the obstacles that come in your way using the arrow keys. 

On your way you will find ramps and bonuses. Jump the ramps and you will get extra points and gather the bonuses! These Bobsleigh games 2012 will really teach you the taste of competition!