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Hit The Jackpot


If you are a sports fan there is no question that you wondered at least once how it would be to participate in a real competition… to be one of the many participants in an international championship. If you are a fan of bow shooting and you don’t have the opportunity to play the sport you love we have a vast repertoire of free archery games here, at a click distance. Hit the Jackpot is one of the many free archery games that you can play having a real competition, to fight for the opportunity to compete in the well renowned World Cup.

When you play Hit the Jackpot you feel like being part of the real competition. Before starting playing you have to choose your country and nickname, thing that makes it even more real that an usual free archery game. Then, you can start playing the tournaments! Hit the Jackpot is quite hard in comparison with other free archery games. You have to be very careful because the target is quite far and the wind sometimes can be blowing hard and influences your initial aim.

In order to shoot the arrow you just have to move the mouse in the grey circle for aiming and click the left mouse button to shoot. Don’t loose any time as you get extra points for being quick. The aim when playing Hit the Jackpot is to make as many points as you can and qualify yourself between the first 15 participants. This way you are considered between the winners and have the opportunity to go to the final championship – the World Cup. By playing thin very challenging free archery game you have the possibility to follow a series of tournaments in different cities of the world, just like in a real international competition!

If you were looking to find archery games online that are both fun and challenging you found the right combination in the new game Hit the Jackpot! You will love it because it will motivate you to try to pass all the tournaments with high scores in order to be a winner. Hit the Jackpot is one of the most appreciated of all online free archery games today, so, don’t you loose any more time and lets’ start the competition!