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Enjoyable Horse Racing


Along all the fun horse riding games that you can find on the internet these days, we also recommend the Enjoyable Horse Racing. You can play these riding games, but also download horse riding games and play them later without using the internet. Enjoyable Horse Racing is a horse racing game that, as you'll see for yourself, is quite a catchy game, mostly if you like betting games.

Concerning the game play, before starting to race you might want to check the help button, where you can find some explanations about how to play the game. If you don't regularly download horse riding games that have a betting option in the menu, then it is very likely that you'll start a race without betting a nickle. So before starting the game, you can choose a number of horses to enter the race and also the horse that you want to win the race. In the lower right corner you'll see a portrait of the selected horse as well as its abilities. The betting option is right beneath these and as soon as you're done with the preparations, you can start the race. When you download horse riding games, you can see that some of them have options and controls during the race too. For example, Enjoyable Horse Racing has these arrows in the lower left corner, from where you can influence the cheerfulness of the horses, and thus their speed.

The visual side of the Enjoyable Horse Racing is not one of the best, but this is certainly compensated by the complexity of the game play. You can choose the horse that you think will win the race and bet some money on it. You can influence the speed of the racers too. Also you can increase your reputation by winning a race. And once the reputation starts growing, you will unlock a number of new horses to bet your money on.

Concluding the Enjoyable Horse Racing review, our recommendation is to continue to download horse riding games and have fun playing them. If this game was a nice way of spending your spare time, then you might also enjoy the other sport games that we have in stock for you.