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Snooker is a sport quite similar to Pool, so if you are a fan of sports played with a cue and lots of balls you should start to play snooker games online. Snooker is not that popular like Pool and that is why you should spread the word around that you found a Snooker game that is exactly like the classic one; with the same rules and the same balls, without any special effects…

When you start to play snooker games you will see what the differences between it and classic Pool are. You will see a green table similar to the one of Poll only you realize that the balls are actually different – there will be 15 red balls, each giving you one point and some colored balls – yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black, each worth different scores. 

As Snooker is not that popular we should present you, the future player, the rules… so, when it comes to playing pool games online, and most important Snooker games you should know that the rules are almost the same like when playing the real game. Each player should pocket a red ball and then go after a colored one and in the end the one who has the most points is the winner.

It sounds hard but after you play snooker games for some minutes you will see that everything stands in your power to calculate the best shot. And also when it comes to the controls used to play you should not be worried, you only need to use the mouse… just pull from the white ball and you can set the power and aim of the cue.

I hope you will like playing Snooker and you will recommend it to your friends who used to be fans of Pool… they will surely love it. it is more complicated than classic Billiards and it will bring a little bit more challenge and, most important, they will learn how to play snooker games!