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Fighters Rampage


If you are in the mood for some action you can always start playing sport games, they will bring you only entertainment and a good time. For today we have a very interesting online stickman fighting game for you to try. I hope you’ll like it! It is called Fighters Rampage and you will surely be in the spotlight when playing it!

If you are a fan of simple but entertaining sword fighting games you will surely love this game because only by playing Fighters Rampage you have the opportunity to choose the player you want and then advance from level to level fighting, defending and attacking your opponents. You will see that each level you will meet a different and more experienced fighter as your opponent. You will have to give only your best if you want to win this online stickman fighting game.

When playing this adventure fighting game you will have the chance to perform a large range of fighting moves and stunts that will dizzy your opponents in seconds. In order to move the character, jump and duck use the arrow keys and when you want to attack you will see that using ‘’A’’, ‘’S’’, ‘’D’’ and ‘’F’’ keys will help you perform simple fighting moves and ‘’W’’, ‘’E’’ and ‘’R’’ a series of more complex and effective combination of simple moves.

As you may think, the aim of Fighters Rampage online stickman fighting game is very simple – you just need to defeat every opponent that you will fight with in order to advance from level to level. Check out from time to time the health meter, both yours and your opponents’ to make an idea about how to strategize your attack.

All of these being said I believe that you are ready to become the ultimate champion of virtual sword fighting games… you will feel like a real fighter cutting through flash and breaking some bones… you will see blood flying and pouring from the opponents’ wounds only if you start playing this online stickman fighting game called Fighters Rampage right in this second!