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Electricman 2 Hs


What do you think about meeting one of my friends? His name is Electricman and he is the hero of this new and extraordinary game that we brought for you. This cool game is called Electricman 2 Hs and is one of the most entertaining electricman fighting games.

So, get ready to meet this impressive man who has suck great skill at fighting off his enemies.

Immediately after entering your name and choosing the color of the characters’ electric aura and beginning the game you will be surprised to see a drown cartoon-like, all skinny and shaking just waiting for you to start telling him what to do. These electricman fighting games will impress you by at the same time by their simplicity and complexity.

They can be considered simple in terms of their graphic, but quite complex when it comes to the movements of the character. In fact, they have such a simple graphic as for you to clearly see the fighting moves that Electricman performs. You can even fight in slow motion mode where you can clearly see the heroes’ moves and it also gives you some more time to think about your next fighting moves. Isn’t this adventure fighting game fun? I bet that it’s everything you wanted from a fighting game!

I can also say that these electricman fighting games are being played using the keyboard. Mainly ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’ keys to move Electricman around and ‘’A’’ and ‘’S’’ ones to perform simple fighting moves. How I said before, when playing you can also use the slow motion mode by pressing the ‘’Q’’ and ‘’W’’ keys for fighting. If you want to give to your opponent some more complex hits just try and combine the keys and you will see how your hero leaves you breathless.

After you defeated the enemy you will be able to pass to the next level, where you will encounter another fighter, more skilled and powerful that the previous one. This is the fun part at this electricman fighting games – you are constantly improving your techniques.