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Sqr Golf


Sqr Golf is a game that can be considered entertaining and challenging even if some people would catalogue online mini golf games as boring and extremely long. But these people have never tried to play one; because, in reality, putt golf games are usually long and boring…

But don’t you forget that you are now inside the wonderful and complex world of the internet – the place where everything is possible and even the most boring online mini golf games can be animated is such a way that you will fall in love with this sport in seconds.

So it is time now to play some cool and entertaining online mini golf games using some squirrels instead of golf balls. Just pick the squirrel you want and place it on the pad and then watch the power bar and hit the space bar when you have the desired velocity. If you manage to throw the squirrel in the hole you win and pass to the next ball by scrolling the picture to the right. Isn’t this a really interesting golf game?! And most important it’s different from what you got used to!