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Cave Of Wonders


Looking around the vast internet we found the perfect game for you! It’s called Cave of Wonders and it is much more than a simple game that you play online; you will discover in this amazing adventure fighting game some of the traits of video games. That you used to play when you were a kid. You will embark in an adventure where you will explore new territory and fight giants.

When you start playing this adventure fighting game you will find yourself in a creepy cave where you will have to find your way towards the final fight. These are actually sword fighting games because when you play Cave of Wonders the only weapon you have access to is a wooden sword and with it you have to defeat the great Luis whom you just woken up from his calm sleep. 

Cave of Wonders is a very complex adventure fighting game because while playing you will see traits from a lot of game that you have played along the years. Also this cool game has a very good background story that makes it more interesting and also a very good graphic and creepy soundtrack that matches the atmosphere and intensifies it.

When it comes to the manner of playing you will find that Cave of Wonders is quite the same like the games you got used to in terms of the controls used when playing; as you might have guessed you are going to use the keyboard to control the character and fight - the arrows to move around and jump and ‘’A’’ to attack! The aim is to manage, somehow, to win the fight against the angry giant Luis. 

If you are looking to play fighting games for free I suggest you start with this one because soon it will become your favorite time passing activity. You will soon find a cool subject to talk about with your friends in the personality of this adventure fighting game – share strategies and fighting moves…