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Squash Low


Are you a fan of online squash games? Do you like challenge and do you like playing a game that will give you a good time? Are you feeling bored and you don’t know what to do with your free time the only solution for you is to play Squash Low. It is a game which you will enjoy if you are a fan of realistic and fun online squash games.

When you are feeling down and wonder what to do to make that time pass more quickly try and play some rounds of Squash Low and you will see how the time flies by and suddenly minutes become seconds and hours become minutes!

Squash Low seams a very easy game at the first look. You will see a squash playground from above and that is how you will play it. if you are used to play online squash games that means you know the rules of the game…but in case this is your first time and you decided to try something new I will tell you the rules…

Like when playing online pro tennis games, the rules are quite similar… only you won’t play against another player. At first, when you play this game, you will feel like playing with a big wall…but that is only a first impressure. Your opponent is behind you and you don’t have to let him hit the ball. Someone will serve and then you have to be very quick and follow the ball, hitting it and not letting it go out.

The manner of playing is quite simple because you only have to use the mouse to play… just move the mouse around… left and right for your character to walk around the field. When you need to hit the ball just left-click the mouse and the work is done! Squash Low has no special effects and the impressure that it will leave you with is like playing the real sport.

After you start playing you will soon realize that it is one of the most challenging online squash games that you have ever tried.