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Snowboard Xl


Ready for some adrenaline rising slides down some of the most challenging slopes in the Alps? Then you're definitely ready to play the Snowboard XI, one of the most fast-paced snowboarding games online, too, and have your snowboarding skills tested!

This adrenaline addict freak is ready for showing off some of his best snowboarding tricks on the slope, but he's counting on your help, too, to guide him to the finish line. Don't think that the slope will be that easy to slide down on, my snowboarding games online addict! There are trees and heaps of stones to be avoided, using your mouse, so help him slide through those natural obstacles and make his way safe and sound to the finish line! Also, as in most of the snowboarding games online, you'll nee to pay attention to score the best time, too! It's not just about the skills of avoiding those trees while going down the slope, it's also about the time you score at the end of the slide, too. As you can see, the key is to skillfully move your mouse, and consequently your on screen snowboarder, and to perfect your reaction times while doing that, and your player will score the best time and reach the end line without having bumped into any one of the obstacles he'll face on his way down!

Enjoy playing the Snowboard XI, the soon to become your favorite type of game from all thefree snowboarding games online and get the most out of this fun-filled sports game!