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Go Santa


These Santa skiing games are the best way to upgrade your skills at winter games. By playing some rounds you will see that you can ski easier and better than you were skiing at your first attempt. Usually these Santa skiing games are played with the keyboard but there are some exceptions where you will have to use your mouse to control your player. However you will find these games very interesting and interactive because they are a good way to learn how to ski correctly.

At this Santa skiing game you will have to use your keyboard to control your Santa. Use your arrow keys to control Santa on the skiing track. You goal is to deliver all your presents to all good children. By using the ski track you can do this faster than usual. Keep Santa on the track and avoid the trees to make this possible. You will have a specific time to deliver all your presents, and if you won’t do it in this in time your game ends. Each level is more difficult than the previous one and harder. Pay attention to the obstacles and use correctly your arrow keys to avoid getting you outside the route.

Also during the race you will have to go further trough some checkpoints to gain more points at the end of the game. Each remaining second will count as an additional point to your final score. Gain as many points as you can to make the higher score on these Santa skiing games to see if you are the fastest Santa in the world. You can play these games even with a local friend by choosing the multiplayer mode. In this way you will find this game very interactive and funny because you will have to make Santa’s Job.

We believe that every child wondered how is to be Santa, and by choosing these Santa skiing games you can be Santa by playing Go Santa. Also other kinds of winter games are the free ride snowboarding games. You can choose to play them whenever you would like on our site.